Morris and Morris, Inc

Morris & Morris: A Healthcare Consulting Company :

Morris & Morris is a management consulting firm with a track record of participating in the management of hospitals and community mental health centers, hospital and health facility accreditation consultation, hospital and health facility program development, hospital and health facility outsourcing assistance with staffing and programming, strategic partnering consulting, real estate, investment analysis and evaluation, facilities sales, and clinical facility consultation. Consultants have developed successful Certificate of Need Application and Lobbying, Nursing Home CMH Project Manager Consultation and CMH Site Consultation for workout contracts, Primary Care Program Development and Consultation, Corporate Human Service and Employee Development Education and Consultation, Facility Purchase, Evaluation and Appraisal,  and Due Diligence Consultation, Program Evaluation and Certification Mock Visits and Consultation, Executive Selection Evaluations, Forensic Consultation, and Legislative Lobbying.

Principle Partners: Dr. Jerry Morris is a senior health facility administrator who has developed and managed mental health centers, group practices, hospitals, and grants and regional contracts. He has participated in facilities development, evaluation, sale, staff training and refinement, and executive and personnel recruitment and evaluation. Dr. Morris was a principle developer of Raphael Center and Hospital a 60 bed children’s psychiatric hospital and 42 bed residential care center later called Heartland Behavioral Health Center in Nevada MO. Dr. Morris developed and presented the CON getting state permission to construct the hospital, lead the Medicaid and Medicare and JCAHO and CHAMPUS site certification teams, and organized and trained the initial clinical staff and wrote and established the first plan for professional services. Dr. Morris was a consultant to CON and hospital development projects in Kansas and Nebraska. He was an owner/developer of Royal Oaks Hospital in Windsor, MO where he wrote and presented the CON getting state permission to construct the hospital, lead the Medicaid and Medicare and JCAHO and CHAMPUS site certification teams, and organized and trained the initial clinical staff and wrote and established the first plan for professional services. He has assisted several Hospitals and Nursing Homes in working out contingencies and with the development and successful completion of Plans of Correction Contracts with CMS.  He has experience in management of comprehensive community mental health centers, certified drug abuse treatment centers, drug courts, and drug abuse treatment research. He has a background in clinical psychology, health facilities administration, accounting and finance, organizational behavior, economics, and research and program evaluation. He has developed needs assessments, CON proposals, led JCAHO and HCFA facilities certification applicant teams, and has assisted defense teams with protecting administrators and facilities against fraud and abuse charges and illegitimate repayment demands.  Dr. Morris has CARF facility applicaton and preparation experience.  Dr. Morris is a widely sought after consultant for the evaluation of health facilities for sale, purchase, and financing.  He has served as a CMS Site Monitor, Project Director, and Program Start Up consultant and expert.

Dr. Morris regularly consults with investment groups regarding feasibility studies.  He has served as the Vice President and a member of the board of directors of Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, on the finance committee and the council (functional board) of the American Psychological Association, the board of directors of Human Behavior Associates, the board of directors of Behavioral Medicine Associates, and in the administrative leadership of numerous organizations. He has served on the Finance Committee of the American Psychological Association and participated in the supervision of an annual budget in excess of 80 million dollars. Dr. Morris has a doctorate degree in clinical psychology, a postdoctoral graduate degree and supervised residency in psychopharmacology (MSPharm) and MBA in general management. He is board certified in many areas including Family Psychology (ABPP), Medical Psychology (ABMP),  Counseling (NBCC), School Psychology (NCSP), has a certification from the National College of Psychology: Alcohol & Other Psychoactive Substance Abuse, is a certified national supervisor in family therapy (AAMFT), and is a board certified case manager (CCM).

Terri Morris is the CEO of a major regional health facility, expert in assessing and refining billiTerri Morris, AA, CEOng and management information systems, and in compliance with certification site visits and quality assurance programs. She has a background in accounting, business, computer billing and information systems, and case rate contracting and patient delivery systems. She has staffed and trained health facilities business offices, selected and implemented computerized management information and billing systems, recruited and evaluated business office personnel and procedures in many facilities. Mrs. Morris has an A.A. in General Business.

Consulting Fees: Consulting fees include $150 per hour for preparation and review time (evaluation of financial reports, policies and procedures manuals, board meeting minutes and attachments, SEC reports, stock reports, credit ratings, personnel credentials and background, contracts and payer source evaluation, etc.). A fee of $1,0000 per day plus expenses per consultant is generally charged for fieldwork.

Written Reports & Recommendations: All consultation concludes with a written report and recommendations and the option for telephone or personal exit interviews.

To Negotiate Consultation Contracts: Contact Dr. Jerry Morris at Morris & Morris, Inc. by calling 1-660-424-3398 and leaving your phone number if you are in Missouri, or fax your request for a return call to 417-667-9216 (email: