Our Newest Program:  CMHC, Inc. now offers Opioid Dependency Treatment in a specialized Medication Assisted Therapy Program (MAT).  This program offers treatment with medications which have shown to improve chances of recovery along with regular addiction counseling for the patient and the family, and where indicated psychological assessment and treatment of co-occurring depressions and emotional disorders.  Dr. John Toronto is a nationally approved prescribing physician and he and our nursing staff will manage the health assessments and nursing case management, and Dr. Jerry Morris a board certified psychologist and nationally certified and published addictions expert manages the behavioral and psychological interventions in this program.  For admission please contact any of our clinics at Harrisonvile, Buter, or Nevada MO, or contact Dr. Morris at cmhcjerry@sbcglobal.net.  For information on MAT programs and their scientifically proven efficacy CLICK HERE!

Our Programs

Primary Care Program:

CMHC, Inc. employs a supervising physician with experience in internal medicine, emergency medicine, and general practice. In addition we are affiliated with the Bates County Memorial Hospital and Primary Care Centers where our affiliate hospital and physicians, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, and registered nurses and neuropsychologists and medical psychologists provide excellent primary care diagnoses and treatment. Our nurse case managers coordinate the care of patients and communication between providers and community programs. If you need physical care and want to know more about our primary care program and the three primary care providers involved in our program each week call 417-667-8352.

Our facilities and contact information is as follows:

  • Coordinator of Services and Programs: Dr. Jerry Morris, cmhcjerry@sbcglobal.net, 660-424-3398, Fax: 417-667-9216.
  • High Street Family Care Clinic: 706 High St., Butler MO, 64730; 660-200-7135
  • Nursery Street Family Care Clinic: Butler MO
  • Bates County Memorial Hospital: Butler MO

Mental Health Programs:

We operate adult, child and adolescent, and aging mental health programs for the general outpatient population. In addition we treat all these populations in our affiliated psychiatric and medical surgical hospital programs (click here to see key staff leadership and department heads. CMHC operates a Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse certified substance abuse treatment program with outpatient and day treatment components, transportation and case management services, and supported housing. Our serious mental illness program includes a day treatment programs licensed by the Missouri Department of Mental Health, outpatient individual, group, and family psychotherapy, medication management, and transportation and case management services. Our traffic offender programs include Missouri Department of Mental Health certified SATOP Program (click here to see SATOP Program Description) , Missouri Division of Correction REACT certified programs, and clinical intervention programs required to meet offender court requirements. We are team members providing treatment and management in the Vernon County Drug Court Treatment Program and the Dade and Barton County Drug Court Programs. The mental health center provides School Psychodiagnostics in the Heartland Residential Care Center School. CMHC, Inc. operates a sex offender treatment program, child abuse and neglect assessment and treatment programs, and marital and relational therapy programs.

Admission to our program requires a diagnosable substance abuse or mental disorder in individuals ages 4 to senescence. Exit criterion is “the resolution of the patient centered criterion the patient seeks treatment to resolve and the professionally determined diagnoses and problems allowing the patient to function well without therapeutic support and growth. These criterion may include such things as “the ability to maintain sobriety”, “the ability to demonstrate cognitive, interpersonal, and coping skills to manage depressions and/or suicidal thoughts without suicidal thoughts and actions and attempts, adequate attachment and interpersonal skills, adequate occupational and adult role performance, the management and modulation of affect and other forms of self-regulation, and the ability to maintain progress toward personally meaningful adult goals.

Substance Abuse Day Treatment and Comprehensive Program: CMHC, Inc. runs a DMH DADA certified Comprehensive Substance Abuse Treatement and Rehabilitation program (CSTAR) at Harrisonville, and Nevada. This program offers day treatment during the week and on weekends, 24 hour on-call crisis services, and intensive outpatient and family treatment services. This program has transportation services, day treatment meals and medical and medication management services, psychological and co-occurring disorders psychological treatment services, case management services, and intensive family and co-dependency counseling services. The staff are multidisciplinary and include certified substance abuse counselors, psychologists, professional counselors, social workers, nurses and nurse practitioners, physicians, pastoral counselors, and qualified case managers.

Nevada Regional Medical Center: Since 1980 doctors of psychology and psychiatry and licensed therapists at CMHC, Inc. have been on staff at the NRMC. The clinicians at the mental health center were instrumental in starting a Behavioral Health Unit in the medical center and place and treat patients with psychological problems there. In addition we provide coverage for the ER mental health constutations, diagnostic consultation and treatment for patients on the medical/surgical units who have psychological problems or behavioral problems affection their physical condition.

Drug Court Programs: CMHC, Inc. collaborates with the courts in Cedar, Dade, Barton and Vernon Counties to provide a state of the art Drug Court Programs. These programs provide day treatment, outpatient care, and family treatment for individuals who are addicted and come into contact with the courts. The expansion of these programs into the Southern portion of the CMHC, Inc. treatment region makes us one of the largest rural drug court programs in Missouri.