If you need to contact us:  To contact us:  Nevada-call 417-667-8352, Butler-660-200-7135, Harrisonville-816-390-401o.
Key Staff

Dr. Jerry Morris:

Dr. Jerry Morris (PsyD, MBA, MSPharm, ABMP, ABPP, ABBHP, NCSP, CCM) is the Clinical Director and President of CMHC, Inc., and a clinical psychologist, board certified family psychologist, board certified school psychologist; board certified counselor, and an AAMFT Approved Super visor and Clinical Member of the American Association of Family Therapy. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Missouri Marital & Family Therapy Association.  Dr. Morris holds the APA National College Certificate of Proficiency in the Treatment of Substance Abuse and Other Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders, has been a member of the National Academy of Neuropsychology, is an elected member of the National Academy of Practice in Psychology, is a Board Certified Case Manager and is Past President and Fellow of the Missouri Psychological Association. He has completed a postdoctoral residencies in Family Psychology, Neuropsychology, Medical Psychology and psychopharmacology, Clinical Psychology, Addictions, and postdoctoral graduate programs and training in neuropsychology, and clinical psychopharmacology. Dr. Morris holds ABPP board certification in Family Psychology and is the past Newsletter Editor of the ABPP Academy of Family Psychology.  He has a master’s degree in psychopharmacology, and has an MBA in Management with experience as faculty at the graduate and undergraduate level in psychology, economics, and organic chemistry and anatomy and physiology.  Dr.  Morris is the past President of the American Board of Medical Psychology (AMP) & Current Executive Director of AMP, on the board of directors of the national psychology practitioner association (NAPPP, www.nappp.org ), has served on the Council of Representatives (the legal board) of the American Psychological Association and on the APA Finance and Rural Committees, was the 11 year Chair of the APA Division 42 (Psychologists in Independent Practice) Hospital and Healthcare Facilities Committee, and he has published books and scientific and professional articles.  He has a post doctoral graduate degree in psychopharmacology, a NAPPP Certification in Psychopathology, and a Certificate in Psychopharmacology from NEI.  He has an MBA in Management.  He is past Editor of The Clinical Practitioner; the eJournal of NAPPP, a Reviewer, Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, and current Editorial Staff of The Archives of Medical Psychology. Dr. Morris is an experienced management consultant and has historically been a CMS project manager and monitor of healthcare facilities, and he had done extensive staff Quality Improvement, accreditation, and staff development work in the Long-term care, hospital, and community mental health area.  Dr. Morris does a national blog on health and mental health for the American Academy of Lifestyle Medicine.  He is a sought after national speaker and author.  He has led successful healthcare facility certification efforts for state certification, JCAHO, CARF, and Medicaid and Medicare certification efforts.  He is an experienced clinical leader in Healthcare Homes and health economics programs.  He has designed, managed, and published nationally on Integrated Care approaches to facility and program design. Dr. Morris is a HRSA scholar and past officer and funded mentor in the National Health Services Corps.  Lifestylefacts Blogs:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9tiYrcaTXchttps://lifestylefacts.org/2018/12/interview-with-dr-jerry-morris/ ;

Dr. Morris receives the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the national psychology practitioner association: http://www.nappp.org/lifetime.html

Terri Morris, AA, CEO:Terri K. Morris, CEO is the managing partner and has 28 years of administrative experience in mental health management. Terri Morris holds an A.A. degree in general business and is in charge of the business office, accounting, daily operations, and general financial management of CMHC, Inc. at all its locations (mailto: terrikmorris@sbcglobal.net). She is an admitted partner and has been on the Board of Directors of CMHC, Iterri.GIF (8460 bytes)nc. since 1987. She is also a principle partner in Morris & Morris, Inc. a consulting and management company , has been a developer and owner of mental health facilities including urban and rural clinics, training programs, and psychiatric hospital programs and hospitals.  She has served on various health facility Accreditation Teams, Quality Assurance Teams, and has expertise in healthcare rules and regulation, coding management teams, and personnel management teams.

Dr. Amie Cooper:

Amie Cooper, PsyD, MSPharm, is the Assistant Clinical Director of CMHC, Inc., and is a licensed clinical psychologist that provides diagnostic, clinical leadership, and psychotherapy and team leadership at our primary care clinic at the High Street Clinic at Butler and at our Nevada site.  She has a post-doctoral graduate degree in psychopharmacology, teaches doctorate level psychopharmacology, and has completed a post doctorate residency in Medical Psychology.  She has years of clinical experience in medical and nursing facilities, psychiatric hospitals, and outpatient mental health facilities.  She is a Psychology as a specialty and is a HRSA Scholar.  Dr. Cooper is on the Board of The Academy of Medical Psychology.


Dr. John Toronto:

John Toronto, MD is our Medical Director and supervises our medicl screening and medications program, and assists with treatment planning, medical referral to our Bates County Memorial Hospital and Primary Care Affiliates, and our nursing staff and coordination with local medical practitioners.  His specialty is in Internal Medicine, and he has years of experience working with behavioral healthcare teams treating patients with mental illness and substance used disorders and dual diagnoses patients.  Dr. Torontow is on staff at the Nevada Regional Medical Center and is the Medical Director of the Nevada Regional Medical Center Sheldon Rural Health Clinic.

Curtis Long, MD : Dr. Long is a family medicine doctor at our Harrisonville CCPS Clinic. He received his medical degree from University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.  He is the owner of BriarWood Ranch one of the leading producers of prize bulls and Angus Cattle in the US.

Dr. Roger Wise:

Clinical Director Emeritis, Cass Co Psychological Services (a component of the CMHC, Inc. clinic network)

Dr. Roger Wise is a clinical psychologist, ordained Christian Church Disciples of Christ  Minister, AAMFT approved Supervisor, a licensed social worker, and past member of the legislative committee of the Missouri Psychological Association during the time when the current licensure law was fashioned and passed; wiserog2@yahoo.com. Dr. Wise completed a hospital internship, and a postdoctoral training residency in family psychology. He has been active in fundraising and political advocacy in the MoPLAN (state psychological PAC) for over 10 years, and is the Current President of the Southwest Missouri Psychological Association. He has served for a number of years on the board of the Southwest Missouri Psychological Association, and is on numerous hospital staffs and managed care panels. His areas of publication and research are addictions and family psychology. He has post graduate work in business administration and leadership. He is a past member of the MoPA Insurance and Managed Care Committee, and the APA Division 42 Hospital and Health Care Facilities Committee.  Dr. Wise has served as a faculty member in a doctoral professional school program, and as training faculty with over 20 years supervision and teaching experience at CMHC, Inc. Dr. Wise is a founding partner and charter member of the Board of Directors of CMHC, Inc. recently retiring from the board after 32 years of service.  He is an active senior clinician at our Harrisionville Clinic.

Assistant CMHC, Inc. Administrator, Nathan Gulliford, MBA, EdS:  Mr. Gulliford has served as a teacher, coach, and an Assistant Principle in two different school districts.  He has an MBA in Management from the Block School of Management at UMKC and an MEd degree in Education and an EdS in Education Administration.  Leadership roles include serving as a football coach, a basketball coach, and as a college football player.  His history of special training in education helps with our curriculum and program quality aspects of our program, and his two management degrees are essential for personnel, budget, organizational planning, marketing, and certification and contracts management.  We are excited about the training, experience, and skills that Mr. Gulliford brings to our program at all three sites. Mr. Gulliford’s wife is serving as a Curriculum Specialist at the Ray-Pec School system and they are members of the Creekmoore Country Club and community where they live in Raymore Missouri.  The Gulliford’s have three children and family in the Kansas City region.

Kate Hogsett, MS, PLPC

Director of Substance Abuse Programs:

Kate Hogsett is a Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor (PLPC), a Certified Reciprocal Alcohol Drug Counselor (CRADC), a SATOP Qualified Professional (SQP), and a MCB Qualified Supervisor. She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology at Rockhurst University in Kansas City in 2007 and her Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Avila University in Kansas City in 2016. Previously, she worked with domestic violence survivors, focusing on abuse and trauma. Kate has experience with families, children, adolescents, substance abuse, neuropsychological psychometrician diagnostic techniques, and team leadership.

Tammie Pearson, MSW, LCSW.  Mrs.  Pearson is a seasoned licensed clinical social worker at our Harrisonville, and Butler clinics.  She sees children, families, adults and is staff in our Day Treatment and Substance Abuse Programs.

Meg Seiber, MS, PLPC:  While obtaining my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Counseling Psychology at Avila University, I was provided with the opportunity to work with children, teens, parents and families in Jackson County who have experienced a variety of things in their life; trauma, substance abuse, displacement due to discrimination, abandonment, physical/emotional/sexual abuse, as well as mental health diagnoses, just to name a few. Although I have recently been awarded the opportunity to serve alongside the absolutely talented and skilled treatment providers here at CCPS now that I have obtained my PLPC, I can positively say that I have found my new home!

Randal Langeluttig, MS, LPC.  Professional Counselor.  Mr. Langelutig has a master’s degree in counseling, and is experienced in Kansas and MO.  He has substance abuse and mental health experience with children and adults, and grew up in Nevada MO.

CMHC, Nurses:  Cindy Brannon, RN,  Jessica Burch, RN

Cindy Brannon, RN, CMHC, Inc. Director of Nursing: Ms Brannon has years of hospital, primary care, and mental health nursing experience.  She is a good leader, has great medical and case management skills, and is a valued member of the clinical disciplines leadership circle.

Jessica Burch, RN:  Nurse at the CCPS Harrisonville site. 

Cathy Blacklock, MS, CRADAC, ABD doctorate in psychology, and the Assistant Director of Substance Abuse Services.  She has a MS Degree in Management, is finishing a doctorate degree in psychology.  Cathy is certified as a Missouri Associate Alcohol and Drug

Counselor in the CSTAR program.  She is an experienced manager and leader who is a retired Air Force Officer.  Cathy is currently enrolled and taking courses in a doctorate PsyD program.  She is part of our clinical staff at our corporate clinic in Nevada.  Kathy has raised two children and she and her husband are active in historical groups and activities.

Amy Bradley, MSW, LCSW, clinical social work supervisor.  Ms. Bradley is a board certified clinical social worker who holds the Social Work Supervisor accreditation for the State of MO, and has years of experience in community mental health and substance abuse and the VA System.  She has practiced in MO and Tx, and has been affiliated with CMHC, Inc. for over 20 years.

Great Harrisonville-Cass Co Psychological Services Staff:

Assistant CMHC, Inc. Administrator, Nathan Gulliford, MBA, EdS:  Mr. Gulliford has served as a teacher, coach, and an Assistant Principle in two different school districts.  He has an MBA in Management from the Block School of Management at UMKC and an MEd degree in education and an EdS in Education Administration.  His history of special training in education helps with our curriculum and program quality aspects of our program, and his two management degrees are essential for personnel, budget, organizational planning, marketing, and certification and contracts management.  We are excited about the training, experience, and skills that Mr. Gulliford brings to our program at all three sites.

Kate Hogsett, M.S., LPC, CRADAC, Director of Substance Abuse Programs, Licensed Professional Counselor with experience with families, children and adolescents, substance abuse patients, neuropsychological psychomatirician diagnostic techniques, and team leadership.  Kate is valuable as clinical staff in Harrisonville, Butler, and Nevada and at our Corporate Clinic at Nevada and at our Primary Care Clinic in Butler, MO.

Harrisonville (CCPS) Support Staff:

Training Residencies (Psychology, Counseling, Social Work, Substance Abuse Counseling, Peer Specialists):  Training Faculty:  Jerry Morris, PsyD,MsPharm, MBA, ABMP, ABPP, NCSP, CCM,  Roger Wise, PsyD, Amie Cooper, PsyD, Amie Bradley, MSW, LCSW, Melissa Brundige, CRADAC.  Jobs for licensed or provisionally licensed counselors, psychologists, social workers, marital and family therapists include a base salary, productivity incentives, insurance financial support, individual and group supervision, text books and research data base support, and board certified and state credentialed supervisors acceptable to licensure boards.

See our affiliates at:

For information about our services or management contact, or employment opportunities for professionals or residents and interns contact Dr. Jerry Morris at cmhcjerry@sbcglobal.net or Dr. Ami Cooper at dramiecooper@yahoo.com .

Healthcare Policies and Procedures  www.cmhconline.com/ClinicalDirectors_WelcomeCaptur-11-28-2012.wmv .  A training residency is a post academic superevised training experience with an identified senior faculty, individual supervisors, clinical rotations that must be mastered as assigned to move on throught the residency and to achieve a “do pass” evaluation and preparre for the discipline and field of healthcare independent practice and full licensure/certification.  CMHC, Inc. has residency rotations in child and adolescent, substance abuse outpatient and day treatment, serious mental illness, corrections and traffic offender programs, intake and diagnoses, families and systems, neuropsychology, Medical Psychology and psychopharmacology, case management and assertive community treatment, hospital consultation, forensics, and general psychotherapy areas of practice.  All residents will also have extensive supervision and experience related to accreditation of programs, documentation and electronic healthcare records use, billing and reimbursement procedures, quality assurance, licensure and rules and regulations and legal aspects of practice, professional ethics and professionalism, team treatment, and theories of counseling and psychotherpy and the scientific literature and bases of practice.

CMHC, Inc. is not a place where people just looking for “sign off on time in practice” is masquarading for “A Clinical and Professional Residency”!  Residents are “students under supervision who have a willingness, and committment to learning, professional advancement, acceptance of training and supervision, and who want to become compotent, ethical, professional, and effective healthcare professionals!  Some residents, who do well in these endeavors will be invited to stay at CMHC, Inc. as staff or future faculty!  Not all students pass their residency, but we have a high rate of successful residents, and most go on to brilliant and meaningful healthcare careers and stay in touch with their mentors and programs.

Training Faculty:  Jerry Morris, PsyD,MsPharm, MBA, ABMP, ABPP, NCSP, CCM,  Roger Wise, PsyD, Amie Cooper, PsyD, Amie Bradley, MSW, LCSW, Melissa Brundige, CRADAC, Melissa Bundige, CRADAC.

We are proud to be a nationally accredited mental health center.